About Us

Learn the story behind the success of Juany, a woman who was born in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, and grew up in Laredo, Texas, with Michoacan roots.

Juany’s lifelong passion for cooking has always been a tremendous source of happiness for her. With her expertise in traditional Mexican cuisine, she excels in creating mouthwatering dishes like pozole and enchiladas. Her culinary skills have been passed down through generations, with her grandmother being the primary teacher of Mexican gastronomy. In 2008, Juany’s exceptional flavors started attracting attention. Initially, she sold her dishes at her husband’s work place only once a week, but her popularity grew rapidly, prompting her to develop a diverse weekly menu that offered an array of options, from stews to milanesas.

As Juany’s business flourished, she seized the opportunity to open her first Villa Antigua location on Bristol Rd. in 2010. The delectable food quickly gained fame, leading to the opening of a second Villa Antigua on Mines Rd. in 2014, followed by a third location on Jacaman Rd. in 2016. Despite the challenges posed by the 2020 pandemic, Juany’s determination prevailed, although she had to permanently close the Villa Antigua locations on Bristol Rd. and Jacaman Rd. Currently, the Minas restaurant continues to operate. Villa Antigua has garnered tremendous success, attracting a loyal customer base who favors the authentic homemade flavors of their dishes over any other. Visit Villa Antigua and indulge in the true essence of Mexican cuisine.